What We Do


  • Tailor to the specific needs of Native American entrepreneurs
  • Promote economic self-sufficiency for individuals, families and communities
  • Increase opportunities for entrepreneurship and workforce development, business financing, and good jobs
  • Fill a gap for Native enterprises and Tribal communities still underserved by traditional capital providers and networks

Program Features:

The NEIR Program develops, finances, and houses innovative businesses and startups owned by Native American entrepreneurs to:

  • Increase the number of  new Native American owned start-ups in the community
  • Grow existing Native American owned businesses, increasing revenue and jobs
  • Increase the overall economic impact of business in the community
  • Engage existing community networks and create new entrepreneurial resources
  • Create a national network of Native American entrepreneurs with common goals, and shared solutions
  1. Participants are either current business owners or entrepreneurs pursuing a new business venture.
  2. Each NEIR participant receives a monthly stipend, intended as a support mechanism in starting or growing a new business.
  3. Dedicated offices, shared meeting and event spaces, and an IT backbone are provided.

The Entrepreneurial Challenge:

Every entrepreneur is different and comes with his/ her own strengths and weaknesses, challenges and opportunities.

That’s why each NEIR participant goes through a program custom tailored to his/her specific needs — an intensive, three to six month training with an experienced entrepreneur/mentor to lay the foundation for successful business growth.

Only NEIR provides such a high touch, custom approach to the development of business skills, problem solving, support and engagement.

Upon graduation:

Upon successful completion, NEIR graduates are introduced to a variety of forms of capital and financing.

NEIR graduates are invited to join the peer-to-peer advisory group for quarterly meetings to hear other participants’ business pitches; work together on business challenges; provide support and understanding to each other; and continue to grow a network of vibrant Native American entrepreneurs.